Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Old Navy and more updates

I wanted to share an amazing deal I got at Old Navy last Saturday. All denim shorts were 60% off and I had a Groupon to use so I went to the store. My Groupon was a $20 voucher I paid $10 for. I was there at the right time because they were significantly marking down a bunch of baby/toddler clearance items to $1.97 or $0.97. So I picked up a jacket and pjs for Emma, 2 sun hats, a batgirl onsie, and shoes (for next year) for Audrey, some 3-6 month pjs (for my gift bin), and a pair of bermuda shorts for me.

My total out of pocket at Old Navy was $0.88! Yep. I gave them 88 cents at the store. Score! Even with the $10 I paid for the Groupon, it is still a rockin deal! On sale the shorts themselves would have been over $11 by themselves, so its like I got everything else for free. Anyway, it was a happy day.  :)

I've had a few people approach me about giving them coupon lessons. I'm happy to share with them what I know. Maybe there could be more to this coupon game than I thought.

 My sweet baby Audrey is a thumb sucker! Emma was a pacifier baby and Audrey is a paci-hater!!! They may look a lot alike, but they each have their own cute quirks. I love them!

 We went 'neighborhood shopping' in The Woodlands the other day and we may have foung the perfect area!...within our price range, too. We would be very close to the elementary school, the library, a YMCA, a park, and our church building which would make us all very happy.  Here we are just playing at the park.
 Life is good. Busy...always changing, but good. There could be some big changes ahead!


Rosie said...

love the bat girl onesie. :) Allison's got a bat girl shirt waiting for her for this fall. Has Emma started exhibiting opinions about her clothes? Allison's got major opinions... I have to consult her before buying now. *sigh* I found an ADORABLE pink cropped jacket at Gymbo from last year's easter line for like, $5... she said no.
And that neighborhood sounds awesome.

We are the Turner's! said...

Way to go Katie! You are AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!! I love the clothes you bought! I love the pictures at the park! Your girls are adorable!

chapfan said...

Can you believe I've never thought to neighborhood shop? That's genius! And your girls are beautiful and getting so big! I'm glad things are going well for you in Texas!


tjnicky said...

Looks like you are getting some awesome deals!! Your girls are getting so big and I'm glad that you're liking Texas!!

elizabeth said...

Oooh. I love big, exciting changes. That neighborhood sounds perfect for your family.

Can't wait to see you all soon!!